About Us



About Us

Originally founded in 1974 by D. B. Cooper as a business services company, we've withstood the test of time. In 2004 Fidelity Financial LLC was formed to provide those financial services that normally are paid for by commissions, such as employee benefits. The Fidelity Company is our Registered Investment Advisory company, providing high quality fee-based investment services to individuals and business clients who prefer a fee-based arrangement.    

Fidelity Financial, LLC

Insurance & Investment Solutions

Today, between Fidelity Financial LLC and The Fidelity Company (our Registered Investment Advisory company), we provide rich high-touch insurance and investment plans and services to many of today's business leaders and entrepreneurs. Whether your goal is a more efficient and productive employee benefits package, or realizing your own personal financial dreams, let us show you how to make it happen.

"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."


Benjamin Franklin